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The Tradition of self-cultivation

The ancients believed that through disciplined spiritual practice, a human being is capable of transcending ordinary existence. They sought a higher state of being, free from the suffering and illusions of the ordinary world.

Attaining this state required moral rectitude, the severing of desires, and the use of special meditative techniques to renew both mind and body.

These traditions were quietly passed down over the ages from masters to disciples.

Falun Gong is one such upright cultivation practice.

Unlike monastic paths of cultivation, Falun Gong is practiced in society, with students marrying, raising children, and pursuing a wide variety of careers. As such, while Falun Gong aspires to inner transformation of the self, it nevertheless typically translates outwardly into positive change in the world, insofar as the practitioner becomes a more patient family member, a more conscientious employee, or a more active member of society.

Falun Gong is based upon three principles:




Practicing Falun Gong

Looking within and finding answers
Practice Falun Gong means striving to improve oneself and living one's life in ever-closer harmony with the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Each person's understanding of the principles is unique and continues to evolve with study and practice. There is no set of "standard beliefs" that one must adopt. Each person assimilates and applies the principles in his and her own way.

Cultivating oneself
Falun Gong is cultivation practice—a spiritual practice of both mind and body. Yet unlike many other spiritual practices, it does not have temples or churches, memberships or fees. It is instead a deeply personal practice—one that freely chosen, freely practiced, and understood by the individual him or herself.​​​ To cultivate the mind, we study universal principles and aim to improve ourselves, to become more truthful, compassionate and forbearing in our thoughts, words and actions, to put others before ourselves, to turn the other cheek in conflicts, to take responsibility for all that life bring us.

Meditation and exercise
Falun Gong includes five sets of gentle exercises. Some rise at dawn to sit in solitary meditation, while others carve out time during day or get together in parks to practice with a group. The exercises cultivate the body.

Path to enlightenment
Through the Falun Gong teachings, we find insight into many of life's mysteries. New understandings of the universe come to light. Life takes on new meaning. We discover new wisdom and strength to carry us further on our paths. We find purpose and the means to fulfill.  

Falun Gong has become so popular because so many people experience life-changing improvements in their physical and metal health.

Better sleep, lower stress, increased energy, reduced irritability, improved digestion, and so much more.

Many report complete recovery from chronic disease including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis and heart disease. Others lose the urge to smoke and let go of tobacco and other addictions.

The range of experiences is endless, but everyone who practices Falun Gong has a story to tell. Just ask!